Review: Unbroken Bonds by J Bree

Title: Unbroken Bonds

Series: Bonds That Tie #6

Author: J Bree

I’m so happy because I’ve finished a series!!!!!

The Bonds That Tie is a 6 book series and was recommended by the Flickerwix Glitterati Girls and I have really enjoyed it!

My reviews for the other books are here, here and here.

The gods live among us.

They’ve woken up hungry.

All of the research in the world couldn’t have prepared us for what’s to come, enemies and wars fought over millennia. Now we’re being forced to act, but this time, we have the advantage.

This time, we’re Bonded.

Are we strong enough to survive the gods and their plans? Will we ever live in the peaceful world we’ve fought so hard for, or is history doomed to repeat itself?

The conclusion for the Draven Bonded Group!

Oli, North, Nox, Gryphon, Gabe and Atlas. Now all with their woken gods ready to take on the other gods.

I love it when a plan comes together and their plans are fabulous…..’Don’t die, stay close, and try not to get in anyone’s way.’

If I’m honest, this book felt a bit long and drawn out and the ending a bit rushed but I’m so invested in this series that I had to see what happened!

Nox is still my favourite and Atlas my least favourite, funny how things work out!!!!

Here are a couple of my favourite quotes:

‘There is no use being here unless we’re together. There is no me without you.’

‘Burn it all to the ground, Oleander. Burn it, and let’s be done with it.’

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