Series Review: The Bonds That Tie by J Bree

The Bonds That Tie by J Bree
Broken Bonds
Savage Bonds
Blood Bonds

I’m going to do this a little differently, I will post my reviews as links so you can read if you want to so I don’t bore you but I’ve written a little quote from my reviews about each book!

Basically what we have here is a girl who a central in a bonded group – all have some sort of power and they are all strong. She ran away after an incident before she met them for reasons we find out slowly in each book.

The guys are hot and lust after her due to the bond, it’s a bit dark, an RH but you don’t really see much ‘action’ until book 3 but it’s not overdone at all!

You can see my reviews ⬇️

Broken Bonds ➡️ here

This book was setting the scene, creating the world and letting us get to know the characters. I wasn’t enthralled until around 20% in but then I was hooked!

Savage Bonds ➡️ here.

Oli battles with her gifts, the bond and lots of info is starting to come out, albeit slowly!

Blood Bonds ➡️ here

Jeez this author is going to make me keel over with her last lines! (Spoiler – it’s a doozy of a cliffhanger!!!)

And now the wait until the end of March for the next book!


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