My Haul: October 2020

My goal this month was to reign myself back in on the old book buying front….and it sort of happened! I stuck to my ‘rule of 3’!!! 👏🎉🥳  I probably deserve to buy myself an extra book to celebrate!!!!!

📚 Physical


The Bone Houses by Emily Lloyd Jones

(It was on offer, what can I say?!)

🎧 Audio


The Once and Future Witches by Alix E Harrow


Fable by Adrienne Young

TTT – Halloween Freebie ðŸŽƒ

Top Ten Tuesday is featured by That Artsy Reader Girl.It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Theme – Halloween Freebie

Now I couldn’t let Halloween 2020 pass without getting out my Hocus Pocus book and candle!!!

I do it every year so you all shouldn’t be surprised……get ready for the wonder….

Now I know this is 1 and that’s no where near 10 but I thought 10 pictures of the same book would be overkill!

Happy nearly Halloween 🎃 👻

The Halloween Book Tag 2020 ðŸŽƒ

I saw this tag on Hawthorn Book Reviews and May got it from Anna’s Book Nook and wanted to do it….because Halloween! 👻

🎃 Carving Pumpkins- What book would you carve up and light on fire?

I hate to trash a book, I just don’t have it in me so I will politely decline to answer (but you can see my DNF’s on Goodreads)!!!

🎃 Trick or Treat- What character is a treat? What character is a trick?

Wrath from Kingdom of the Wicked is just delish and is a total treat (for me!)

A Trick? The only thing that pops in my head is Tric from Nevernight but totally not in a bad way. Tric is also my treat!!!!

🎃 Candy Corn- What book is always sweet?

Until November by Aurora Rose Reynolds. I read this when it came out in 2013 and still reread it now! You can read the blurb here.

🎃 Ghosts- What character would you love to visit you as a ghost?

Jacob from City of Ghosts/Tunnel of Bones by VE Schwab. I just loved him, I felt for him and wanted to give him a motherly hug (or 3!)

🎃 Dressing Up in a Costume- What character would you want to be for a day?

Manon Blackbeak. Although those iron teeth might sting a bit!

🎃 Wizard and Witches- What is your favorite Harry Potter moment?

Sirius asking Harry to live with him. Waaaaah, don’t make me relive it 😔

🎃 Blood and Gore- What book was so creepy that you had to take a break from it?

Not creepy as such but just mind blowing….The Nocte Trilogy by Courtney Cole. See the blurb for book 1, Nocte, here.

I wasn’t tagged so am not tagging anyone but please feel free to do!

🎧 🎃 Spooky review: Gideon the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir (DNF)


Title: Gideon the Ninth

Series: The Locked Tomb #1

Author: Tamsyn Muir

The Emperor needs necromancers.

The Ninth Necromancer needs a swordswoman.

Gideon has a sword, some dirty magazines, and no more time for undead bullshit.

Brought up by unfriendly, ossifying nuns, ancient retainers, and countless skeletons, Gideon is ready to abandon a life of servitude and an afterlife as a reanimated corpse. She packs up her sword, her shoes, and her dirty magazines, and prepares to launch her daring escape. But her childhood nemesis won’t set her free without a service.

Harrowhark Nonagesimus, Reverend Daughter of the Ninth House and bone witch extraordinaire, has been summoned into action. The Emperor has invited the heirs to each of his loyal Houses to a deadly trial of wits and skill. If Harrowhark succeeds she will become an immortal, all-powerful servant of the Resurrection, but no necromancer can ascend without their cavalier. Without Gideon’s sword, Harrow will fail, and the Ninth House will die.

Of course, some things are better left dead.

This was really hard for me but I DNF’d. I hate to do that but whilst I loved certain aspects, it was just so darn slow that my attention wandered. A lot. Maybe its me, I don’t know. But I do feel bad as I normally do when I DNF!!

To look on the bright side, here are the things I loved but unforts it wasn’t enough to keep me listening:

The narrator was fabulous! I was laughing at the different voices she did!

I loved Gideon! Her humour was just brilliant,

The plot was so unique,

Finding out about their world, their court and their lives.

But I constantly wanted to shout for it to move faster. Have I made a mistake with DNF’ing? I don’t know. But I have the ebook too so might give that a go.

Spooky review: The Once and Future Witches by Alix E Harrow


Title: The Once and Future Witches

Author: Alix E Harrow

In 1893, there’s no such thing as witches. There used to be, in the wild, dark days before the burnings began, but now witching is nothing but tidy charms and nursery rhymes. If the modern woman wants any measure of power, she must find it at the ballot box.

But when the Eastwood sisters–James Juniper, Agnes Amaranth, and Beatrice Belladonna–join the suffragists of New Salem, they begin to pursue the forgotten words and ways that might turn the women’s movement into the witch’s movement. Stalked by shadows and sickness, hunted by forces who will not suffer a witch to vote-and perhaps not even to live-the sisters will need to delve into the oldest magics, draw new alliances, and heal the bond between them if they want to survive.

There’s no such thing as witches. But there will be.

Of course I’ve heard of The Ten Thousand Doors of January and the glowing reviews but haven’t read it….yet! So as it’s nearly Halloween I decided to pick up this witchy book!

I listened on audio and liked it but part of me thinks I would’ve loved it if I had actually read a physical copy so I’m going to try it out!

‘Once upon a time there were 3 witches’…..but there is no such thing as witches where we are in 1893 apparently!

In summary, the women where we are in time want equal rights (here, here, go suffragettes!) and this is where we find our 3 sisters, Juniper, Agnes and Bella. They have been apart and have reunited after escaping the clutches of their abusive father, hoping to repair their bond and further the causes of women.

Each of the 3 sisters have such different characters and I loved reading about each one, the world building was fabulous, the topics the book touches on were written so well but, for me, the pacing was a bit slow and in some parts I needed to make sure I was still listening.

All in all this was a good listen and I loved this historical witchy women’s book about fighting for a voice, for power, for equality and for rights for all.

Haul look back – October 2019!

I totally pinched this idea from Destiny at Howling Libraries! Go check her out!

The idea of this post is to look at your haul from the same month but from last year to see how many of those books you have actually read.

I thought, more to keep myself accountable, that this would be a great! Last time I did this I managed to get to half read which I thought wasn’t too bad!

Here is my post from my October 2019 haul.


Cruel Intentions by Siobhan Davis – STILL ON TBR


Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo – STILL ON TBR


Ironside by Holly Black – STILL ON TBR


Penmort Castle by Kristen Ashley – STILL ON TBR


The Beautiful by Renee Ahdieh – DNF

Well this is embarrassing.

1 DNF and the rest still on my tbr.

I’m off to berate myself some more……

TTT – Books I Have Due to Recommendations

Top Ten Tuesday is featured by That Artsy Reader Girl. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Theme – Books I Have Due to Recommendations

Once I looked I realised there were a lot of books on my tbr in this category, it seems I suffer with FOMO! I’ve narrowed it down to 5!


Chase The Dark by Annette Marie


Riven Knight by Devney Perry


Treacherous by Alex Grayson


Under Different Stars by Amy A Bartol


The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid

What books have you got on your TBR that are reccies from friends?

Spooky Review: Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas


Title: Cemetery Boys

Author: Aiden Thomas

Yadriel has summoned a ghost, and now he can’t get rid of him.

When his traditional Latinx family has problems accepting his true gender, Yadriel becomes determined to prove himself a real brujo. With the help of his cousin and best friend Maritza, he performs the ritual himself, and then sets out to find the ghost of his murdered cousin and set it free.

However, the ghost he summons is actually Julian Diaz, the school’s resident bad boy, and Julian is not about to go quietly into death. He’s determined to find out what happened and tie off some loose ends before he leaves. Left with no choice, Yadriel agrees to help Julian, so that they can both get what they want. But the longer Yadriel spends with Julian, the less he wants to let him leave.

Yadriel, a brujo is trying to confirm his place by doing a ritual with his cousin, Martiza when it all goes wrong! Part of the ummm ‘clean up’ is where Yadriel finds ghosty Julian…….

This book has it all:

  • Main characters I completely adored
  • A trans main character
  • Latinx culture
  • Mythology
  • Laughter
  • Emotional
  • A ghost/human romance

And that’s why I loved it and would 100% recommend it to anyone!