Mini Review: Forced Bonds by J Bree

Title: Forced Bonds

Series: The Bonds That Tie #4

Author: J Bree

They say to keep your friends close but your enemies closer;

What if they’re one and the same?

The stable foundation I thought I’d built in the Sanctuary has been ripped away, and I find myself on the front lines of the war against the Resistance. I might have my Bonds on my side, but there are darker schemes in motion.

Can I prove myself and turn the tide to protect our most vulnerable, or am I nothing more than the monster they’ve always claimed I am?

Will we make it out of this without tragic consequences?

Back with Oli and her Bonded and the war with Silas Davies and the Resistance.

There’s a lot of action, drama and well you know, RH things!!!! There’s also a couple of new characters introduced, one of whom I loved the sound of although we haven’t seen much of her yet!

Out of all the men in this story Sawyer is actually my fave and he’s not even in Oli’s Bonded group!

‘Let’s leave Sawyer to his creeper ways, Bond. I have something I want to show you. We leave together to the sound of Sawyer calling out, Spoiler alert! It’s his dick!’

And that’s why I love him!!!!

I can’t even talk about that ending. That bloomin ending! No way!!!!

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