World Book Day

Happy World Book Day!

I’m not sure whether it’s just today in the UK as I’m sure I saw something that said America’s World Book Day is in April.

I was talking to my son about what book series I could use for this as I mostly always use Harry Potter and he reminded me that it’s his favourite series (it’s really the only series he has read!) so I should post it.

On IG I opted for a magic stack as I know things can get heated when Harry Potter is posted due to JK Rowling’s very wrong opinions but my son is 11, he knows nothing about her views and I’m not going to burst his bubble at his age.

World Book Day was online for us today as we are still homeschooling because of lockdown. My son didn’t want to dress up for it (he is getting to that age where he is too cool for school!) but he did help me pick these pictures out….so enjoy!

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