🎧 Review: Mathilda, Superwitch by Kristen Ashley

Title: Mathilda, Superwitch

Series: Book of Shadows #1

Author: Kristen Ashley

So I’m not quite sure what happened here. Well I know what happened, I scheduled this in for a past date. Please excuse me, I am an idiot!!!! Anyway here is my review!!!

On Hallowe’en night, Mathilda Honeycutt finds out she’s a SuperWitch. Not the modern, hippy kind… the real, wand-wielding, pixie dust kind. After a life devoted to retail and coffee drinks, Mathilda is thrown into the secret world of witches, warlocks, werewolves, vampires, faeries, headless horsemen, you name it, it exists… even whirling dervishes!

As Mathilda discovers her magic, she also discovers she’s prophesied to save the world. Problem is, she’d rather spend her time on online auctions, bidding on cut-rate but fabulous designer shoes. Now, she’s got to save the world, run her coffee house, battle against her co-worker in “The War of the Wooden Spoons” and figure out what’s going on with the silent, watchful (but yummy) Sebastian Wilding, a member of a centuries old Secret Society who has vowed to keep her safe and brainy, sweet (and hot) Dr. Aidan Seymour, a maverick member of The Royal Institute of Psychical Research. Making matters worse, her nemesis is a powerful witch who doesn’t mind fighting dirty.

Will Mathilda be able to save the world while still being perfectly accessorized? And how is she going to pick between Luscious Sebastian and Dreamy Aidan? And will she be able to talk The Witches Council into updating their uniform? And, lastly, will she ever get the hang of riding around on a broom?

I mean this was different but really right up my alley as I love KA and witchy reads are so cool especially in adult format!!!!
Firstly, I listened to the audio and loved the narrator, Susannah Jones!
Next, this story was actually set in my city! Claim to fame right there and it was full of English things like Tesco and English TV, love that!
So basically Mathilda is 30 and just found out she is a witch and a witch who is the object to a prophesy, the chosen one. She is all over the place, a bit kooky and a lot of fun.
Oh did I mention that she has to marry one of 2 men but she doesn’t know which one from the prophesy? I hate a love triangle but I persevered but I certainly had my fave!
This was sort of told in calendar month, diary format, was action packed, funny and hawt in that normal KA style!
One criticism, the word ‘ack’ was used so much I wanted to scream!
And that ending. Wholly unsatisfying! And why isn’t the guy that I don’t like from their triangle not dead?!!!

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