Reviews: Lani Lynn Vale: January to March – SWAT Generation

I didn’t intend to start a new series….but I’m oh so glad that I did!

Kilgore Police Department’s Charity Calender starts……..

Just Kidding

Mr January – Dax

Apart from the dragon series this is the first book I have read by this author. I don’t even know why I haven’t before. And now I am kicking myself because it was superb. Just what I wanted.

Poor old Rowen, never really fitting in and an unfortunate incident and she flees back to her family…..and the men of SWAT!

Back in her home town she re-meets Dax and what follows is just the most beautiful thing ever, he has her back (and head!) from the start and it was pure bliss.

‘Dax had been the star of my thoughts. My dreams. My fantasies.’


Fries Before Guys

Mr February – Derek

Avery, poor old Avery has the weight of the world on her shoulders and she is doing it all alone since both her parents died. 19 and alone. Getting kicked down again and again. I wanted to be there and go all mother hen on her!

Its emotional, its drama filled, and it’s beautiful.


Maybe Swearing Will Help

Mr March – Ford

‘Because life’s more interesting when Ashe Trammel is riled.’ ~ Ford

Frenemies. Mutual hatred. Nothing to do with lust. Yeah right!

I loved reading about Ashe and Ford, their names for each other, what they have dared each other to do over the years and also about the undercurrent of looking out for each other too.

This series is just so sweet and I’m really loving it. I really needed a change, a bit of escapism and this has provided that for me. Just what’s required!

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