The series of the HEA’s of the men featuring in Kilgore Police Department’s Charity Calender continues…..

See the first quarter of 2020 reviews in this series here.


Ask Me If I Care

Mr April – Hayes Romine

This is the one. This is the one I wanted, needed, dreamed off…..Hayes Romine!

The man makes me swoon so hard……

‘Only then did I allow myself to sneak a peek at the very first thing that caught my attention in years. ~ Hayes Romine

*falls unconscious*

It’s ok, I’m ok. Be still my beating heart!

I had to add, am I the only one who noticed that Ares brothers name was Lock Downy??! Very apt in this situation we are in, got to love 2020!

And another addition, with another character’s name (who we haven’t met yet)……Caro! I can just pretend it’s me!


May Contain Wine

Mr May – Louis Spurlock

Firstly let me say that Calloway broke my heart in first half of this book, chronic aneamia, a broken heart and weird outlook of herself…..

‘I wasn’t fat, but I wasn’t skinny. I wasn’t pretty, but I wasn’t ugly. I wasn’t anything. I just was.’

Louis knew he had blew it and knows what he lost in Callie and he wants his HEA.

All this with lots of drama mixed in of course!

And another few of mentions of the elusive me, I mean Caro!


Jokes on You

Mr June – Booth Pena

‘As it was, I wasn’t a nurse, I just had a stellar ability to check out the male form’

Oh me too Dillan, me too!!!!

A near death experience made Booth evaluate his life choices and go for what he wanted (and made me swoon!)…..which means Dillan is screwed!

I love that Dillan is an unapologetic romance reader.

I loved Bobo the dog.

I love how these couples have known each other for years and fall into a happy pattern of bliss.

Drama, great families, sweetness, hotness upon hotness all rolled up into a great read!


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