Review: What Lurks Between the Fates by Harper L Woods

Title: What Lurks Between the Fates

Series: Of Flesh and Bone #3

Author: Harper L Woods

Once, I’d chosen my mate instead of freedom.

For weeks, we retraced our steps back to Mistfell and the lingering shadow of the Veil at the boundary between realms. Traveling through the kingdom, I denied the evidence in front of me, unable to fathom that I wasn’t the lost princess of Faerie. Instead, it is Fallon who must fear the consequences of her heritage. Which leaves me with a single, unanswered question.

Then, I awoke, caged high above the throne of the Queen of Air & Darkness.

Mab is the Queen who keeps all of Alfheimr held squirming within her clawed grasp. She uses the children of Faerie to sustain the magic granted to her by the cursed gem atop her crown, which has carved her from the girl she once was into a dark vessel, obsessed with power. She thrives on cruelty, and wields our love as an instrument for pain.

Now, I’ll play the games of the Fae.

I’m a curiosity, my presence an enigma that was never foreseen. I may not be Mab’s daughter, yet she still keeps me close, as she forges me into a weapon against humans and Fae alike. Mab may not own me yet, but she controls the life of the man I love. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to see him freed.

Even if I have to become the villain to do it.

‘If you suffer, I suffer too. If you bleed, I bleed as well. If you die, then I will follow.’

Back with Estrella and Caldis and we are introduced to Mab and the delights of Alfheimer.

Winter Solstice approaches and with it 13 days of fun that Mab has planned (note – it’s not fun for the people there!)

I don’t want to say anything about the plot but I will say Mab is a relentless villain while Estrella is light in the darkness.

This was dark, spicy and there is a lot of gruesome stuff in here so if you’re squeamish, beware!

I still have so many questions! Will we ever know what Estrella is? When will my fave, Holt be back?! Where is Fenrir? I need them!

Can’t wait for the next book!

‘Until chaos reigns.’


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