New-to-me authors so far in 23!!!!

Last year I did a monthly post about new-to-me authors I’d read and by the end of the year I had read 50! I thought that was pretty good going!

My posts were off the back of an idea from Lucy at Bookworm Blogger!

This year, even though I want to track this, I thought I’d do my posts quarterly instead of monthly (but I’ll see how that goes!)

Anyway……here is my first post and I’ve read a huge 22 new to me authors so far!!!!!

I think this is mostly in part to me reading books off my actual tbr and also book box subscriptions, library borrows and Netgalley.

Here are a few of the 22!!!!

Alexandra Rowland
Catherine Curzon
Clara Kumagai
Nita Prose
Ashley Postin

JJA Harwood
Sarah Hawley
Maya Ibrahim
Rachel Gillig
Hannah Kaner

Have you read any new to you authors yet?


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