Review: Spice Road by Maiya Ibrahim

Title: Spice Road

Series: Spice Road Trilogy #1

Author: Maiya Ibrahim

In the hidden desert city of Qalia, secret spice magic awakens affinities in those who drink the misra tea. With an affinity for iron, seventeen-year-old Imani wields a dagger like no other warrior, garnering her the reputation as the next greatest Shield for battling the dangerous djinn, ghouls, and other monsters that lurk in the sands beyond city limits.

Her reputation has been overshadowed, however, by her brother who tarnished the family name after he was discovered stealing their nation’s coveted spice – a tell-tale sign of magical obsession. He disappeared soon after, believed to have died beyond the Forbidden Wastes, and leaving Imani reeling with both betrayal and grief.

But when Imani uncovers evidence her brother may be alive and spreading their nation’s magic beyond the desert, she strikes a deal with the Council to find him and bring him back to Qalia before he can reveal the city’s location. Accompanied by Qayn, a roguish but handsome djinni, and Taha, a powerful beastseer whose magical talents are matched only by his arrogance, they set out on their mission.

Imani will soon discover there are many secrets that lie beyond the Forbidden Wastes – and in her own heart – but will she find her brother before his betrayals endanger the fate of all of Qalia?

Imani leaves her hidden city with a small group of magic wielders to find and bring home her brother, Atheer, who has gone awol.

~ Imani, warrior
~ Qayn, a cheeky chappy (actually a djinni)!
~ Taha, a beastseer and his hawk,
~ Amani, sister to Imani and so cute! 
(Sorry if some names are spelt wrong, I listened to the audio!)

The story was so good, I fell in love with the characters and the world building was spot on.

There was adventure, action and of course..  a triangle?! I mean was this a love triangle? I had a clear fave for most of the book and then I switched in the last quarter!

I need to know what happens, I need the next book so I’ll be scouring the authors social media for news!


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