Review: A Kingdom of Stars and Shadows by Holly Renee

Title: A Kingdom of Stars and Shadow

Series: Stars and Shadow #1

Author: Holly Renee

Destiny or desire?

Where does your allegiance lie?

I am told my union to the crowned prince will determine the fate of the kingdom, but it isn’t my betrothed who haunts my dreams. It’s the half-breed prince who stands at his side.

He is darkness and sin, and when he whispers promises of wickedness in my ear, I crave a man who I can’t have.

Every thought I have is treasonous. The way my hands ache to touch him deceitful.

Even my dreams make me a traitor to the kingdom I am sworn to protect.

But when the kingdom is attacked, I am forced to make choices I’m not prepared for. Our lies and deception are entangled in the shadows and stars, and as they unravel so shall my fate. Betray a kingdom or betray my heart.

‘You will determine the future of our world.’

This had everything I wanted in a romantasy including the morally grey lead!

Adara is Starblessed and it’s her destiny to marry the High Fae Prince (Gavril) and help make their nation stable……but there is trouble with the vampyre nation and Adara gets a lot more than she bargained for with Evren, Captain of the Guard!

I’ll spare you the fact that I want to go on for hours about how much I love Evren! He is gorg, delish, dirty and I love him!  ‘Trust me, princess. It took everything inside of me not to fall to my knees before you.’

Adara did get on my nerves a tiny bit but I can see where she is coming from. She jumps to conclusions before she knows all the facts, I guess that’s a human trait though!

If your a romantasy fan who liked FBAA, What Lies Beyond the Veil etc, then you’ll need to read this! I can’t wait to dive head first into the next book now (please tell me it’s released!)


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