The Sunday Post – 11th September 2022

The Sunday Post is a blog news meme hosted by Caffeinated Reviewer It’s a chance to share news, a post to recap the past week on your blog and showcase books and things we have received.

Hi everyone, hope you’ve had a good week?

A week of great sadness for us here with the passing of our Queen, Elizabeth, on Thursday. The only monarch I’ve known. I feel absolutely so sad. I’m not an emosh person but I shed some tears. What a great lady. And now we have a King, King Charles III. It feels so surreal.

It was back to school for my son this week and us getting back into the same routine, it was tiring!

As well as the below reads I’ve started listening to Babel but it’s huge so no way I would’ve got it finished this week, hopefully next week!

What I’ve Read

Heartless by Marissa Meyer
See my review here.

🎧 Lightlark by Alex Aster
Unfortunately a DNF at 40% for me.

New arrivals

Nothing this week! Look how good I’m being!

You might have missed…..

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Feature – Books I want releasing in October

What have you read lately?

16 thoughts on “The Sunday Post – 11th September 2022

  1. I suspect we all will be feeling the sadness for some time to come Caro! I might not agree with everything the monarch stands for but I sure did love your Queen.😥Have a good week and I hope the routine smoothes out for you quickly!🇬🇧🇺🇸☕🤗📚💜

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    1. I love the monarchy but maybe it’s a British thing, bought up with it and all I know. Can’t say I love all of them though!!!! But Queenie was a gem. ☕️☕️📚❤️

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  2. The Queen’s passing is so sad and so surreal. It did feel like she would live forever and I can’t imagine anyone having a problem with it if she did. Now, how many people would that be true of in the world today? Hope you have a good week!

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  3. Even though I’m on the other side of the pond, I’ve always kept up with the royal family, so I was very sad to learn of Queen Elizabeth’s passing last week. King Charles has some big shoes to fill.

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