Christmas in July!!!

Firstly….please don’t hate me!


I’m a certified Christmas nut! I mean it’s the most magical time of the year and whilst I don’t put deccies up or swap gifts etc in July, I want to remember the magic…..but put a Summer twist on it!

Here are some food and drink type things I thought I might try out……and you could too!

That great Summermas drink, chocolate milkshake instead of hot chocolate!

Here’s a lovely recipe:

BBQ turkey but have with salad and corn and maybe a cheeky cheese platter wreath?

Candy cane cocktails or maybe a cranberry marg?!

Santa Strawberries – strawberries with squirty cream on the top (and then eat them!)

Really the possibilities are endless!

What food can you think of to eat in summer….but add a Christmas twist?!


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