Oh yes it’s……..HOLIDAY READS!!!

It’s that time of year when I choose my reads to take on holiday!

I’m actually excited about this as we haven’t been on holiday for over 2 years because of the dreaded c word.

To make up for our 2 years of no holidays we’ve splashed out and are having 2 this year, one next week and another at the end of August!

I’ve gone through my, frankly huge, tbr and picked out some books for next week and cross fingers I’ll actually get to read between all the swimming, eating and activities!!!

I’ve gone for all romance books, not quite sure why (and Book Lovers is a reread!)

What books are on your holiday read list?


10 thoughts on “Oh yes it’s……..HOLIDAY READS!!!

  1. I also plan my vacation reads, Caro. Usually I’ll choose books from my own list, but this year (August) it looks like I’ll be reading ARCs to get caught up. Hope you have fantastic holidays!

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    1. We’re only going down south to the seaside. Half of my family live there so we all troop down there to spend time together and at Christmas they come up here!!!


  2. nksjdgjywyuwqb HII!! i’m so sorry i missed commenting on your recent posts, THEY WEREN’T SHOWING IN THE SITE FOR ME, and i wasn’t able to comment through the reader?? BUT I SHALL CATCH UP WITH THEM SOON, I SWEAR!! also omg YAYYY FOR VACATIONS!!! HOPING YOU HAVE THE BEST TIME OF EVER ❤❤

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