Blogmas! Look back at 2021 book plans and look forward to 2022!

In 2020 I made some ambitious book plans for which I stuck to…..for about 2 months so I decreased the level of my plans for 2021!!!!

So now I’m looking back at this year and examining and seeing if I can tweak for 2022!


For 2022 I’m going to read what I want!

This worked well for me in 21 so am going to continue! Reading should be enjoyable and this goal made it fun!

Don’t go mad with arcs!

I say this every year and always succumb to the fomo at least twice a year!!! I got caught by this in 2021 again so I need to learn some willpower!

Fairyloot and Illumicrate books

Read within 2 months of receiving.

I had this as 1 month for 21 and didn’t always stick to it! Now me and Sophie from Beware of the Reader are going to buddy read so this should help!

Read tbr

Here we go again, same old, same old….but I had to put it in!

Reading Challenges

I do love a reading challenge but because I’m such a mood reader, I can’t name books. This worked well in 21 so will carry this on for 22!

So that’s it.

Too ambitious?

What are your reading goals for 2022?

23 thoughts on “Blogmas! Look back at 2021 book plans and look forward to 2022!

  1. The one goal I stuck with this year is no arcs/no blog tours and it was so much nicer to read what I wanted without any sort of deadlines. Probably be the only one I stick with next year to 😉

    Good luck with your goals!

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  2. I’ve been trying to read my Fairyloot/Illumicrate books within a month or two of receiving them too and so far i’ve done well with this – so I know if I want to keep the book or unhaul it if I didn’t enjoy it. Joining their readalongs has helped me a lot! I hope you’re able to do that in 2022! 🙂

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