Audiobook Challenge 2021 – a close!

Happy Blogmas!

Thought I would give you a closing update on my Audiobook Challenge for 2021!

You can see my original post here. and my halfway update here.

The achievement I went for is Socially Awkward which is 15-20 listens and I just scraped in with 15!!!!

I didn’t listen to many audiobooks over the summer, not quite sure why. Maybe it was my slipped disc? Who knows!!

Here are the audiobooks that finished off my challenge!

The Wolf and the Woodsman by Ava Reid

Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff

Sunreach by Brandon Sanderson

Redawn by Brandon Sanderson

The Extraordinaires by TJ Klune

Flash Fire by TJ Klune

Wolfsong by TJ Klune


Jade City by Fonda Lee

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