Review: The Silent Stars Go By by Sally Nicholls

Title: The Silent Stars Go By

Author: Sally Nicholls

Three years ago, Margot’s life was turned upside down when her fiancé, Harry, went missing in action on the Western Front. Worse, she was left with a devastating secret which threatened to ruin her life and destroy the reputation of her family. As a respectable vicar’s daughter, Margot has had to guard that secret with great care ever since, no matter how much pain it causes her.

Now it’s Christmas 1919, and Margot’s family is gathering back home in the vicarage for the first time since the end of the Great War. And miraculously Harry has returned, hoping to see Margot and rekindle their romance. Can Margot ever reveal the shocking truth to the only man she has ever loved?

I must admit I don’t read much historical fiction but this cover and the blurb drew me in.

The post-war vibes were so strong, what everyone had gone through and were still going through made me so sad and we just had Rememberance Day so it really brought it home.

This story really played with my emotions. I had my ‘today’ head on and kept on coming to conclusions and I needed to remind myself how little choice unmarried girls had when they found themselves in the same position as Margot. It dawned on me how far we have come in the way of progression.

Margot I went backwards and forwards with. Not sure if I thought she was self centred or immature or both. But Harry. I really loved Harry.

The ending was bittersweet but my favourite part of this book were the letters. They feature heavily in this book and I found myself not being able to wait for the next!

Would totally recommend this book!

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