Review: Shadow of Light by Molly E Lee

Title: Shadow of Night

Series: Ember of Night #2

Author: Molly E Lee

I just saved the boy I’m falling for from a gruesome death by a demon. And what does he have to say? I’m the key to opening the gates of Hell. I mean, a thank-you would’ve been nice. Or another scorching-hot, forbidden kiss. Either way, destiny will have to find someone else to torment, because I’m so done.

Or I was, until my little sister starts cackling exorcist-style and stares at me with eyes that aren’t hers. They’re Marid’s, the Greater Demon I just kicked back to the dark realm he came from. Possessing Ray whenever he wants is his ultimate revenge.

The only way to break the tether between them includes a road trip through Hell, aka the Ather. I quickly discover nothing is as it seems in this place. Yeah, there are realms of terror, greed, and desire, but there’s also peace, and a beauty I never knew existed…and it’s eerily familiar.

With each obstacle we encounter, I slip a little further into the chaotic energy of my growing dark powers. And when an unexpected betrayal hits me square in the chest, I freefall into them.

Fate painted me as the monster of nightmares, and after this? Destiny is about to learn just how monstrous I can be.

Book 2! More Draven! And I couldn’t be happier!!

Harley, Ray, Draven and Cassiel need to stop Marid and there’s only 1 way to do that. To go below, to hell, to the Ather.

Personally I would’ve been happy to read a story about Harley and Draven keeping house (!!!) as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that Draven is my utter fave!!!!!!!

‘I will find you. You know I will. I always will.’

But anyway, my fantasies of Draven saying that to me aside, they go to the Ather……

‘The Ather, overwhelming odds, plenty of obstacles to overcome.’

And there is plenty to overcome. Drama, action, nasties, those spots of lust (I’ve decided I want to visit Lusro!!!) and it was magnificent!

More characters are introduced, Ryder, Rainier  Wrath and Wallace and I loved them all!

That ending. Jaw. Dropping.
Book 3 please!

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