Fairyloot Unboxing – May 2021: Spellcraft!

May 2021

‘Isn’t it so interesting how in stories there are different types of magic and different ways for spells to be cast? Casting spells and magic almost always comes at a price and depending on the toll… what would you be willing to sacrifice?’

Items inspired by Serpent & Dove, Throne of Glass, Raybearer, Crave and an item that is not inspired by any fandoms.

Tumbler inspired by Throne of Glass designed by @chattynora

Wooden phone stand with lettering by @ladychubbletters based on Raybearer.

Foiled coasters with artwork by @arz28 featuring characters from Serpent and Dove.

TBR game!

Art print from the Crave series illustrated by @gracezhuart

Tarot Cards designed by @morgana0anagrom featuring Serpent and Dove


Witches Steeped in Gold by Ciannon Smart

✔ Exclusive redesigned cover
✔ Stencilled edges
✔ Artwork on RDJ by @eunicify.art
✔ Foil embossing
✔ Ribbon bookmark
✔ Signed

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