Love In February 21 Photo Challenge Day 10, 11 and 12!

I thought it might start getting monotonous posting these each day on here so I am combining a few days worth!

I’m taking part (and co-hosting!) Love in February 21. It’s a photo challenge on Instagram to showcase our favourite romance books!

The 10th was…….


An oldie but such a goodie!

Like my book from yesterday, The Mighty Storm came out in 2013 and I jumped on it and read straight away.

Jake Wethers makes my heart skip a beat! I imagine that I tried to claim him as my bbf straight away!

Going back over these old books makes me want to do rereads and this book will be at the top of the pile. So good!

The 11th was…..


Kristen Ashley, for me, is without a doubt a FAB.U.LOUS author.

She is an auto-buy for me and rarely lets me down. I’ve read nearly everything from her (apart from her BDSM series, that’s not my jam, but I did try!)

My favourites from her are:

  • Rock Chicks
  • The Three Series
  • Fantastical series
  • Chaos MC series

The 12th was….


Vicious (yes it’s a man!) is pure and simply, vicious.

I lifted a bit of my review for you:

The cover = smoking hot
Vicious = smoking hot
Vicious + Emilia = smoking hot
Anticipation = smoking hot
The storyline = smoking hot
The words, oh god the words = smoking hot.

So, to sum up, smoking hot ๐Ÿ”ฅ ๐Ÿ˜‚

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