Christmas Traditions!


Christmas is my favourite time of year. For me I start planning and buying gifts in September. Sue me! If I could put my tree up then and not look like a nutter then I would!

Anyway, here are my families Christmas traditions:

Seeing Father Christmas

I think this will be our last year as my son is growing out of it. It makes me so sad 😭

After we see Father Christmas we come home and put our tree up.

At school and work we have Christmas jumper day and it would be rude not to get a new one each year!

Works Christmas do (hello hangover!)

It always alcohol fuelled and it’s always messy. Say no more!

Christmas Eve – the making of the mince pies. This year it will be with gluten free pastry so cross fingers they dont crumble like all the other things we have made do! And of course one gets left out for Father Christmas!

Christmas Day we spend with my parents. Good food, good wine, good company! And also the small nap after lunch!!!!

Boxing day with all my family – every Boxing Day my family gets together, my parents, my aunties and uncles, my cousins and we just spend quality time together eating, drinking, swapping presents and playing board games!

What are your traditions over Christmas?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Traditions!

  1. Do tiny pancakes “silver dollar pancakes” count? Every Christmas morning we have them. I love hearing about how you spend the holiday. I hope this year is extra special!

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  2. I recall when I used to go see not Father Christmas but Saint Nicolas here in Belgium Caro! Now they are too old…

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