Mini Review Monday: Conclave by Penelope Douglas

It’s no secret that I love the Devils Night series, Michael Crist set my world on fire and then Damon overtook him in the ‘OMG’ stakes!

Well they are back, in a short novella, as a prequel to Nightfall which releases in 2020.

Title: Conclave

Author: Penelope Douglas


Will is gone. He hasn’t been seen in months, and the texts coming from his phone are almost certainly forged. Something’s wrong. We need to act now.

Michael is ready to tear down The Cove, Rika’s hiding something, Evans Crist is a threat, and Winter’s father is still out there.

Everyone is off in a million directions, and we’re vulnerable.It’s time to do this.

It’s time to claim our place.


A few years ago, I never thought I’d be here. On board Pithom. Miles out at sea. At a table with Michael Crist, Kai Mori, and Damon Torrance—men I now consider family.

We’ve locked ourselves on this yacht for however long it takes to address our agenda, and we won’t leave until everything is on the table.

Even things I don’t want to talk about. Things Michael doesn’t know.

We will find Will. We will solidify our plans, and we will remove any threats.

If we survive Conclave.

Gaaaaah! More nuggets from the Devils Night Crew!

So many secrets, so many admissions….

a papal conclave and it’s all coming out.

I love all of the couples in this series and I even think I am in love with what is to come in Nightfall, I just can’t wait!

‘One month, Devil’s Night. We have until then to find Will and get him back.’


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