Ravings of a new DNF’r!!!

I have DNF 2 books in 1 day.

And I am feeling the guilt.

One was a book I received as part of the Kindle First programme (and I didn’t realise and bought the audio book too!)

I read the first 15% of the ebook and then switched to audio as I was in work but I found it to be flat and a bit, dare I say it, boring. So I switched back to the ebook. Couldn’t get back into it at all.

The other is an ebook I’ve had for ages, 5 years in fact! It’s also a book that everyone seems to love. Like love. But I didn’t like the lead guy, he was mean and basically vile to the leading lady and she just took it and ran after him even more! I just couldn’t take any more!!!!

So now I am here. In a stage of guilt. What is wrong with me? 2 books in 1 day that I DNF. Unheard of for me.

So now what do I do?

Do I put it down to an off day and retry or bin them off forever?

What do you do?

24 thoughts on “Ravings of a new DNF’r!!!

  1. Out of curiosity, what was the second book?

    In general, I would say let them go. If you think theyโ€™re ones you really might enjoy but just arenโ€™t in the mood for now, then you can always just put them back on your TBR. And if at a later date you start getting curious about what happens next in them or wish you knew how they ended, you can go back and finish. There isnโ€™t enough time to read all the books you want and will love, and that time gets even shorter if you also end up reading books that you donโ€™t like.

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