2 Viking reads….that are worlds apart!

I did chuckle as I thought of this idea for my reviews!

2 Viking reads.

2 worlds apart!

A YA and a hot and heavy romance read!

Warrior of the Wild by Tricia Levenseller

Rasmira is a warrior, leaders daughter….with the worst parents ever, I actually hated her mum!

But it all goes wrong for Rasmira and she finds herself wronged, banished and alone.

‘Welcome to the wild.’

I like this book, it was totally readable, it flowed, but I did find it rather long and dragged out in some places.

The world building was odd! If you are expecting the Viking world in this book to be like the actual Viking habitat then you’ll be surprised!

There was a lot I found strange in this book, yes it took some adjusting to what I thought it should be but this is the writers world…..and I liked it!

But I more than liked Soren!

Vikings Claim by Madison Faye

You know sometimes you just need something quick and dirty?

I read the synopsis for this and knew, right in that moment, I needed this!

I’ve just read a Viking YA book and let me tell you they couldn’t be further apart!!!

Oh Tor……

‘Soon, little bird. Soon, I will come for you.

‘I’ll set the world on fire to keep her right here with me.’

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