A Book and a Candle….


Im back again with a book and a candle!

I absolutely adore candles and have to have them to match my books!

The Harry Potter series is something everyone (well nearly everyone!) loves and I really had to stop myself from buying ALL the candles there are out there.

I did used to have more but I burned them (and then mourned their loss!)

The two I have left are:

Hermione by Flick the Wick.  It smells of vanilla, lily, raspberry and citrus (I had 2 of these and burnt 1 and I can tell you it fills the room with lovely summer-y scents!)

Goblet of Fire by Fairyloot.  The container says it smells of fresh bread and chocolate.  I must admit it does smell a bit weird though so doubt I will ever burn it!!!


Do you collect candles?

Tell me what you have!!

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