Review: Free by Kristen Ashley…

The Chaos series for me is like dipping strawberries into melted chocolate, decadent and utterly delish! Here is the reading order in case you want to embark on this MC series (and you really should!):

  • Own the Wind
  • Fire Inside
  • Ride Steady
  • Walk Through Fire
  • Wild Like The Wind
  • Free

I wont give you the blurb as this is the final book in the series but if you click the pic below it will take you to Amazon and you can read!



Been waiting for Rush. Feels like forever. But this was the one I wanted.

And Rebel. I couldn’t have picked better myself!

‘He was keeping me. I was going to belong to somebody. And that somebody was Rush Allen.’

And let’s just talk about Essence for a second. I love her. More than love her. She is my spirit animal and what I inspire to be when I’m old!

The finale. And what a corker it was. This book, and this series is firmly on my reread pile.

‘Because it’s time for you all to be free.’

7 thoughts on “Review: Free by Kristen Ashley…

      1. Oh I totally feel you, I have 3 left for March and 10 for April. I don’t even know how it happens!! I’ve read a pitiful 3 books off my beat the blacklist challenge!

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