A Book and a Candle!!!

I thought I’d do something new (well new to me!!)

There is nothing I like more than a matching set! For books I love matching bookish items and candles are by far my favourite thing!

However it’s a catch 22 situation with my bookish candles as I want them….but I don’t want to burn them!!!!

Anyway, this month’s book and a candle is…….

The Folk of the Air series by Holly Black

The Cruel Prince

For this book I bought the Prince Cardan candle by Meraki Candles. It’s clove, oak, moss, leather, black pepper and pine flavour! I wonder if Cardan really smells like that!!!!

The Wicked King

I got my copy and the candle from Fae Crate. The candle is called Underwater Oaths and it’s made by Burning Bright Library. The description reads sea kelp, untamed waves and filtered sunlight. I just love that!


Do you have bookish items that you need with your books?

Tell me all (and I might start a new obsession!)

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