Review: Bennett Mafia by Tijan

So Tijan reads are always great so I needed this in my life.

Tijan ✔

Mafia ✔

And Kai Bennett ❤

There were always whispers about my roommate at Hillcrest Academy.

The wealthiest of the wealthy sent their kids to our boarding school, and Brooke Bennett had been at the top, though I never quite knew why. She was fun and outgoing, but she kept quiet about her family. The only things she showed me were photographs of her brothers.

I became fascinated with her second-oldest brother. Kai Bennett.

He was the most of them all. Smoldering. Hypnotic. Alluring.

Kai had eyes that pulled me in and a face that haunted my dreams.

Then I met him.

He came to our school with their father, and that’s when I learned what kind of family Brooke came from. They were mafia, and Brooke’s oldest brother was dead. Her father said accident, but Brooke said murder.

Three months later, her father died, and Kai became the head of the Bennett Family. Brooke left Hillcrest for good, and that was the last time I saw her.

Fourteen years later, I’m staring at her face on the television. Brooke is missing.

Two days later, Kai Bennett kidnaps me.

Kai Bennett *insert girly screams* I swooned, I gasped, I was positively giddy!

Kai is the man who has it all, the world in his hands, controls it all.

‘You may hate me.

You may loathe me.

But you goddamn want me.’

Oh gawd Kai, yes I do!

But he can’t control everything it seems. His sister, Brooke, is missing and former roomie, Riley Bello finds herself Kai’s prisoner…….

Its full of chemistry, drama and was so addicting. I couldn’t put it down! It was a great read!

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