Review Regurge: Everless by Sarah Holland…



I wanted to regurge my review on this as book 2, Evermore is so close, so close I can almost smell it!!!

I remember loving this book so I am hoping that I also love Evermore too!

You can see my original post here.


(before I carry on I want to apologise for this photo…but oh it made me laugh!!)

What a unique idea, a world where blood is used as a time currency. The wealthy people are bathing in it and the poor whittle away their lives by giving up time just trying to get by.

Jules and her father are the latter, so to get back some time for her father she takes a job at Everless, owned by the Gerlings. There is history there. And mystery. And intrigue. And shocks. And a wedding……..

Firstly, imagine my joy at finding a Caro in this book!

I must admit the first few chapters felt like work. It felt like a lot of information and messed with my mojo. But when I got past the first few chapters? Bellisimo. A total page turner!

The world was set up nicely and there wasn’t 1 thing that I didn’t like about the characters (I hate it when 1 annoys me!). The writing was superb and if your wondering about romance, well I think it’s been set up nicely but we shall see in Book 2…..

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