Fairyloot Unboxing: October 2021 – Broken Hearts

October theme was…..…BROKEN HEARTS!

How far would you go for a happily ever after? What would you do if you couldn’t get it? This theme is about the broken hearted… and what they would do to get their perfect ending.

Items inspired by Addie LaRue, Kingdom of the Wicked, Lore, We Set The Dark on Fire and the featured book of the month.

🖤 Addie Trinket Dish illustrated by @arz28
🖤 Kingdom of the Wicked Blanket designed by @forensicsandflowers
🖤 Foiled Character Card Set with characters from OUaBH illustrated by @morgana0anagrom
🖤 Postcard designed by @kdpletters featuring a quote from We Set The Dark on Fire
🖤 Tarot cards: Tarasai and Dayo from Raybearer

(A Lore item is coming with the November box as it’s a delayed delivery)


Once Upon a Broken Heart by Stephanie Garber

✔Exclusive cover
✔2 colour stencilled edges
✔Artwork on dust jacket by @rosiethorns88
✔Embossing on hardcover by @rosiethorns88
✔Endpaper artwork by @aleikats
✔Exclusive bonus content

Wheel of Time anyone?

Anyone going to watch Wheel of Time?

I haven’t read the books but saw the trailer for this and it gave me chills!

I think Amazon Prime have 3 episodes that have released today and then each Friday one will release up until Christmas.

So I’m off to watch and, let’s face it, probably order the books too!!!!

Review: The Rising by Kristen Ashley

Title: The Rising

Series: The Rising #4

Author: Kristen Ashley

Once upon a time, in a parallel universe, there existed the continent of Triton. The land was filled with beauty, but it was also splintered by war. Out of the chaos grew a conspiracy to reawaken the Beast, a fearsome creature who wrought only tragedy and devastation. The only way to stop him was to fulfill an ancient prophecy: Triton’s four strongest warriors must wed its four most powerful witches, binding all nations together and finally bringing peace to the land.

This is the story of their unions: the quiet maiden Silence and the savage king Mars. The cold warrior Cassius and the fiery witch Elena. The steadfast soldier True and the banished beauty Farah. And the pirate king Aramus and the mysterious queen Ha-Lah. Their unions will not be easy, but each couple must succeed, for the fate of their world is at stake…

‘Trust in us. Trust in our friends. Trust in love.’

The next installment and ‘he’ has risen. There is drama and hostilities everywhere our couples look……they certainly have one heck of a mess on their hands!

As with the other books, I couldn’t stop reading, was really gripped! I love this about this author! Anything pnr/fantasy she writes and I am totally sucked in!

The characters are amazing, the world created was fab and the sweet and hot moments rule!!

I loved the catch up at the end, seeing them all happy and going on with their lives and I’m also glad Faunaus was happy but maaaaan that was bittersweet!

Mini Reviews: Skyward 2.1 and 2.2 by Brandon Sanderson

Sunreach and Redawn – Skyward Flight Novellas by Brandon Sanderson


The first novella in the Skyward Flight series, each told from the perspective of a different member of the team back on Detritus. Read FM’s story between Starsight and Cytonic.

A novella set in the Skyward universe with side character stories which will hopefully link up to book 4.

This is told in a pilots point of view, FM, and she has an infinity with the Taynix (Doomslug) and a compassion that helps with all the drama there is!

The cover is amazing and the story was loads of fun with lots of action! I loved listening to the Taynix and have decided I want one!


The second of three Skyward series novellas, each told from the perspective of a different member of the team back on Detritus. Read Alanik’s story between Starsight and Cytonic.

The next novella in this series but this time from Alanik’s point of view.

Alanik and some Skyward crew are trying to do their bit by helping Alanik’s people, an alliance of sorts. But they have opposition at every turn.

It was full of action and drama and I was on tenterhooks listening to see what would happen next! That ending though!

And one last plea to the author……Arturo and Alanik, please make that a thing!!!

TTT – Books to read if you love……

Top Ten Tuesday is featured by That Artsy Reader Girl. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Theme – Books to Read If You Love/Loved X!

I’m changing mine slightly to books to read if you love YA fantasy!

For the Wolf by Hannah Whitten

Fire with Fire by Destiny Soria

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

Shielded by Kaylynn Flanders

Witches Steeped in Gold by Ciannon Smart

Threadneedle by Cari Thomas

The Prison Healer by Lynette Noni

Iron Widow by Xiran Jay Zhao

Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko

The Gilded Ones by Namina Forna

Books I Want Releasing December and January…….

Well. All I can say is……

TBR, come to Mumma!!! 😂

Does the fact that there’s only 1 book I want for 2 months mean I can actually read some of my tbr? (But I will get books from Fairyloot and Illumicrate but have no idea what they will be!!)

We shall see! I will make no promises here because, let’s face it, I rarely keep them when it comes to reading books!!

Serendipity by Marissa Meyer

Any books I’ve forgotten?

Review: The Silent Stars Go By by Sally Nicholls

Title: The Silent Stars Go By

Author: Sally Nicholls

Three years ago, Margot’s life was turned upside down when her fiancé, Harry, went missing in action on the Western Front. Worse, she was left with a devastating secret which threatened to ruin her life and destroy the reputation of her family. As a respectable vicar’s daughter, Margot has had to guard that secret with great care ever since, no matter how much pain it causes her.

Now it’s Christmas 1919, and Margot’s family is gathering back home in the vicarage for the first time since the end of the Great War. And miraculously Harry has returned, hoping to see Margot and rekindle their romance. Can Margot ever reveal the shocking truth to the only man she has ever loved?

I must admit I don’t read much historical fiction but this cover and the blurb drew me in.

The post-war vibes were so strong, what everyone had gone through and were still going through made me so sad and we just had Rememberance Day so it really brought it home.

This story really played with my emotions. I had my ‘today’ head on and kept on coming to conclusions and I needed to remind myself how little choice unmarried girls had when they found themselves in the same position as Margot. It dawned on me how far we have come in the way of progression.

Margot I went backwards and forwards with. Not sure if I thought she was self centred or immature or both. But Harry. I really loved Harry.

The ending was bittersweet but my favourite part of this book were the letters. They feature heavily in this book and I found myself not being able to wait for the next!

Would totally recommend this book!

Review: Shadow of Light by Molly E Lee

Title: Shadow of Night

Series: Ember of Night #2

Author: Molly E Lee

I just saved the boy I’m falling for from a gruesome death by a demon. And what does he have to say? I’m the key to opening the gates of Hell. I mean, a thank-you would’ve been nice. Or another scorching-hot, forbidden kiss. Either way, destiny will have to find someone else to torment, because I’m so done.

Or I was, until my little sister starts cackling exorcist-style and stares at me with eyes that aren’t hers. They’re Marid’s, the Greater Demon I just kicked back to the dark realm he came from. Possessing Ray whenever he wants is his ultimate revenge.

The only way to break the tether between them includes a road trip through Hell, aka the Ather. I quickly discover nothing is as it seems in this place. Yeah, there are realms of terror, greed, and desire, but there’s also peace, and a beauty I never knew existed…and it’s eerily familiar.

With each obstacle we encounter, I slip a little further into the chaotic energy of my growing dark powers. And when an unexpected betrayal hits me square in the chest, I freefall into them.

Fate painted me as the monster of nightmares, and after this? Destiny is about to learn just how monstrous I can be.

Book 2! More Draven! And I couldn’t be happier!!

Harley, Ray, Draven and Cassiel need to stop Marid and there’s only 1 way to do that. To go below, to hell, to the Ather.

Personally I would’ve been happy to read a story about Harley and Draven keeping house (!!!) as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now that Draven is my utter fave!!!!!!!

‘I will find you. You know I will. I always will.’

But anyway, my fantasies of Draven saying that to me aside, they go to the Ather……

‘The Ather, overwhelming odds, plenty of obstacles to overcome.’

And there is plenty to overcome. Drama, action, nasties, those spots of lust (I’ve decided I want to visit Lusro!!!) and it was magnificent!

More characters are introduced, Ryder, Rainier  Wrath and Wallace and I loved them all!

That ending. Jaw. Dropping.
Book 3 please!

Review: Aurora’s End by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

Title: Aurora’s End

Series: The Aurora Cycle #3

Authors: Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman

The squad you love is out of time. Prepare for the thrilling finale in the epic, best-selling Aurora Cycle series about a band of unlikely heroes who just might be the galaxy’s last hope for survival.

Is this the end?
What happens when you ask a bunch of losers, discipline cases, and misfits to save the galaxy from an ancient evil? The ancient evil wins, of course.
Wait. . . . Not. So. Fast.

When we last saw Squad 312, they working together seamlessly (aka, freaking out) as an intergalactic battle raged and an ancient superweapon threatened to obliterate Earth. Everything went horribly wrong, naturally.

But as it turns out, not all endings are endings, and the te4am has one last chance to rewrite thirs. Maybe two. It’s complicated.

Cue Zila, Fin, and Scarlett (and MAGELLAN!): making friends, making enemies, and making history? Sure, no problem
Cue Tyler, Kal, and Auri: uniting with two of the galaxy’s most hated villains? Um, okay. That, too.
Actually saving the galaxy, though?
Now that will take a miracle.

Back with my be’shmai, Kal!!!

Let me get this out the way first. I need to get this off my chest! I know there was a big event at the end of Burning but all I could think of was Aurora and what she did to Kal so going into this, I knew I wasn’t going to forgive her easily!

And then I forgot all about that with this line….
‘I still have riches beyond counting, because I have her.’ I do marvel about how fickle I  sometimes!

Anyway…..so now the war is on. On like Kong with the Ra’haam………’How bright the last fire may flare before it is snuffed out entirely.’ But Squad 312 are here and they want to get the job done!

We see the past, the present and we get action, drama and a whole dollop of my fave characters ever.

~ Oh course my Kal.
~ Magellan, the sassy hero.
~ Tyler and Saedii – my actual dark heart. ‘I will see you in the stars’……
~ And Zila will always be my Queen in everything and especially this moment:
‘Are you two spending precious minutes in the middle of a heretofore unheard-of temporal paradox engaging in frivolous presexual activity?’

The last few chapters had me sitting on the edge of my seat, had me tearing up, had me smiling big. It was utterly beautiful.

I’m so sad to say goodbye to Squad 312 but what a great series this was!