Review: A Favor for a Favor by Helena Hunting

Title: A Favor for a Favor

Series: All In #2

Author: Helena Hunting

When I joined Seattle’s NHL expansion team, I thought it was the start of something great. But nothing ever goes the way you expect. Take my introduction to my new neighbor. She came rolling in on the hot mess express at midnight, making a racket while she tried to get into my team captain’s apartment. Did I mention that he’s married to a woman who definitely was not her?

Imagine my surprise when I end up with an injury that has me out of the game for weeks, and she’s the one to offer to help me. I should probably add that she’s not the captain’s mistress. She’s his sexy, pastel-haired younger sister.

So we come up with an arrangement: she rehabs me so that I can get back on the ice sooner, and she can add a professional athlete that isn’t her brother to her client list. Seems simple enough. As long as I can keep my hands to myself and my hormones in check.

Can I let you into a little secret? I loved this book! Loved! Everything!

I love Stevie. More than life. I mean who could not love someone who thinks like this ‘Not in a terrifying “Do you shoot porn?” kind of way but more of a “That would be a welcome stretch.’ You can make your own mind up of what its about!

Oh the anticipation of Stevie getting her hands allll over Bishop had me on the edge of my seat!

Bishop was moody, growly, superb and he totally had my fave, Violets number ‘I’ve been warned about Waters’s wife. We all have. By Waters.’ Hahaha aha!

This was hate to intrigue to attraction to love. Fan.flamin.tastic.

As I said earlier, I loved this book, even better than book 1 so now I can’t wait for book 3!

TBR Thursday Review: A Lie for a Lie by Helena Hunting

Title: A Lie for a Lie

Series: All In #1

Author: Helena Hunting

Sometimes I need an escape from the demands, the puck bunnies, and the notoriety that come with being an NHL team captain. I just want to be a normal guy for a few weeks. So when I leave Chicago for some peace and quiet, the last thing I expect is for a gorgeous woman to literally fall into my lap on a flight to Alaska. Even better, she has absolutely no idea who I am.

Lainey is the perfect escape from my life. My plan for seclusion becomes a monthlong sex fest punctuated with domestic bliss. But it ends just as abruptly as it began. When I’m called away on a family emergency, I realize too late that I have no way to contact Lainey.

A year later, a chance encounter throws Lainey and me together again. But I still have a lie hanging over my head, and Lainey’s keeping secrets of her own. With more than lust at stake, the truth may be our game changer.

Firstly I cannot tell you how happy it made me in the first few paragraphs when I saw my fave characters name, Randy Balls!

But no more thinking back on the past….now for a future crush!

A funny, drama filled kids birthday party brings Rook face to face with his summer crush, Alaska girl aka Lainey

‘I should tell him my own truth. But for now we’re tied: a lie for a lie.’

Loved this one, a heartfelt, humorous, happy ever after read.

Fairyloot Blood & Honey Collector’s Edition Box – I did it!

Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin was a book I completely and utterly devoured and loved so when I saw this was coming I knew I needed to get it!

I must admit the ordering process is frustrating. It took me over an hour to actually order it due to all the website errors I was getting…..but I got there after AN HOUR!!!


The box features an EXCLUSIVE EDITION of Blood & Honey with 5 items.

The edition of Blood & Honey will have


We know that there will be a blanket and a tarot deck of the 22 major arcana featuring artwork by @oblivionsdream.

You could’ve also ordered a copy of Serpent and Dove to match but I already have it (my bank account thanks me!)

Did you get any Blood and Honey book boxes?

Not Top 5 Tuesday: Books I’d slay a lion to get early

With Shanah being super busy and taking a well deserved blog break, there is no Top 5 Tuesday for July so I thought I’d have a go at doing my own (not all the time, I struggled to come up with this!!!)

I saw this prompt on another post (sorry I forgot to note down who!) and decided it was a great subject! These are the future releases that I would literally kill for!

Empire of the Vampire by Jay Kristoff


A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J Maas


Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer


The Invisible Life of Addie Larue by Victoria Schwab


Dream Chaser by Kristen Ashley


What books would you give your right arm for?!

I won a giveaway!!!!

I am one of those people that reads all genres.

Sometimes I need YA fantasy, sometimes middle grade and sometimes romance, sometimes dark romance, whatever takes my fancy, I will read.

I’m on a few review teams for romance authors and LJ Shen is one of them. She is a lovely, kind hearted person and I find her books to be superb. I am honoured to be part of her team. I won a giveaway and received this…..I squealed and wanted to show it off!

You can find all about Leigh and her books here.

Happy 4th of July to my US friends!

I’m English and we don’t have Independence Day here (although we might after Brexit!) but wanted to wish all my American friends a happy day.

I hear you celebrate with fireworks, food, and family and I can’t think of anything better but are you having to have different plans this year due to COVID?

Whatever you are doing, have a great day.

Keeping up with my 2020 book resolutions?????

I made some 2020 goals at the end of 2019 so thought I would check back in to see how I am doing and where I need to improve. You can see my original post here.

To be honest I was a bit scared to do this as I know I haven’t stuck to them but the good news is that I have 6 months to improve!

A) No arcs (only review teams I am on)

June 2020: Failed. I cant talk about it without welling up! ❌

B) No Netgalley requests

June 2020: Failed! But I didn’t request many so maybe a half fail! ❌

C) No reading lists

June 2020: Passed! *does happy dance* ✔

D) No challenges

June 2020: Well……I signed up for the Audiobook Challenge but I don’t count that as an actual challenge as I listen to audiobooks at work so would do it anyway! ✔

E) Try and read 1 book a week.

June 2020: I’ve read 54 books so far so passed! ✔

F) Get the joy of reading back!

June 2020: Yes and no! I’ve loved the books I’ve read but because I’ve totally failed at A and B its meant ive felt pressured again. When will I ever learn? ❌✔

So to sum up I need to lay off arcs and netgalley and keep on keeping on!!!

Did you make any goals?

How are you doing?

Books I want in August

Super early this month but I was excited so couldn’t wait!!!

It appears that I am back to buying more than I read! (Story of my life!)

I seem to be in a pattern at the moment of bingeing 4 or 5 books and then my mojo goes and for a couple of weeks I dont read anything. Anyone else?

Anyway, these are the books that took my fancy for August…..

Set Fire to the Gods by Sara Raasch and Kristen Simmons

Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer

Reign by Cora Carmack
(I have no idea why the cover won’t come up when the hardcover has been revealed!)

What books are you looking forward to in August?

Not T5T – My Best Books of 2020: half year update!

With Shanah being super busy and taking a well deserved blog break, there is no Top 5 Tuesday for June so I thought I’d have a go at doing my own (not all the time, I struggled to come up with 5 weeks worth!!!)

I was toying with idea of a half year book-ish reflection and to set me up for the next half year – very loosely!

For the last week of June I thought it would be good to share my best books for the first half of 2020

Here are my ‘best books’ so far for 2020 (not necessarily released then, I read then!)

King of Scars by Leigh Bardugo


Lifelike by Jay Kristoff


Deviate by Jay Kristoff


Aurora Burning by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufmann


Dream Maker by Kristen Ashley

What have been your best reads so far this year?