Review: Ambrosia by CN Crawford

Title: Ambrosia

Series: Frost and Nectar #2

Author: CN Crawford

Back in October last year I read book 1, Frost and loved it….here’s a snippet of my review.

Ava, a fae raised in the human world, gets embroiled in a plan to be the next Queen of the Fae in a marriage of convenience deal…..but first she has to survive the competition!

This was a brilliant fantasy romance with beautiful, descriptive writing of the world and I almost felt like I was there!

The chemistry! The tension! Torvin was absolutely delish!

Now we are back with Torvin and Ava and here’s my review for book 2, Ambrosia!

We left on the highest of cliffies and I wondered where this book was going to go……and can confirm I loved it! This was a solid conclusion!

Love Torin so much! Reading about what he wanted from his ‘phantom life’ around 40% bought a lump to my throat!

Here’s some quotes to seal the deal:

‘But my thoughts about Ava were their own kind of madness, and she’d already rendered me senseless.’

‘He leaned in close, whispering, In Faerie, I will freeze anyone that I love, Ava. I will kill anyone that I love. That’s what Queen Mab cursed me with. And that’s why you can’t come with me, my changeling.’


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