Review: The Stolen Throne by Abigail Owen

Title: The Stolen Throne

Series: Dominions #2

Author: Abigail Owen

My twin sister is the true queen of Aryd. She survives, hiding and clinging to life in the desert, while I reign as the false queen alongside the monstrous King Eidolon. There’s only one escape from this gilded prison: Reven. My Shadowraith. My heart. Only the shadows that he struggles to control are growing more sinister, more powerful.

It’s just a matter of time before they turn on him…and on me.

Even escape doesn’t mean true freedom, though, when we’re still on the run from Eidolon’s unstoppable armies. And when we discover there’s a traitor among us, I have no choice…I must become the queen I was never meant to be.

Because as one evil hunts me, the other loves me more than himself.

And my fate lies with both.

To say I am in love with this series so far is an understatement!

Last time we saw Meren she had been caught by
Eidolon and now we’re back with Meren, Reven and the gang and what followed was explosive!

Here we have new friends, old foes, quests and heartfelt, emotional moments in this high stakes, fast paced, intense plot! I loved every minute!

Also I have a statement to make….MEREN AND REVEN MAKE MY LIFE!!!

‘Forever. In this life and every life hereafter.’

This was a solid second book. That ending  though. Next book please!


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