Fairyloot YA Unboxing – March 2023: Eternal!

March theme – Eternal!

The revolution is near… but power is eternal, and it’s time to pick a side. Will you rebel, or will you join the powers that be?

Items inspired by The Bear and the Nightingale, Kingdom of the Wicked and two fandom neutral items.

🖤 The Winternight Ceramic Plate designed by @blanca.design
🖤 Wrath Metal Boommark designed by @monolimeart
🖤 Bookish Sticker Sheet designed by @no0onedesigns
🖤 Tarot Pouch designed by @thequirkycupcollective
🖤 Elspeth and Ravyn Tarots (One Dark Window)


Seven Faceless Saints by MK Lobb

Exclusive cover
Digitally sprayed edges
Foiled hardcover by @blanca.designs
Endpaper artwork by @dianadworak


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