Fairyloot YA Unboxing – February 2023: MORALLY GREY!

February theme – MORALLY GREY!

How far would you go to achieve your goals? Would you abandon your moral compass? Tread the line between good and evil? This box is dedicated to the characters whose motives are questionable, but their goals are clear… and they will stop at nothing to reach them!

Items inspired by From Blood and Ash, Once Upon A Broken Heart, These Violent Delights and The Black Witch.

🖤 From Blood and Ash Foiled Mug designed by @avendellart
🖤 These Violent Delights Pencil Case designed by @chattynora
🖤 Foiled Art Print by @rosiethorns88 – Jacks and Evangeline
🖤 Snow Oak Pendant from The Black Witch Chronicles designed by @jezhawk
🖤 Tarot Cards – Taha and Qyad from Spice Road


City of Nightmares by Rebecca Schaeffer

Exclusive cover
Digitally sprayed edges
Endpaper art by @avendellart
Hardcover artwork by @avendellart


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