Review: Inside the World of Bridgerton by Catherine Curzon

Title: Inside the World of Bridgerton

Author: Catherine Curzon

In Inside the World of Bridgerton, author and Regency period expert Catherine Curzon explores the historical inspirations behind the hit series, and illuminates the fascinating details of real life in Regency high society.

Examining a range of key topics, this revealing guide covers everything from the class structure of the era and the crucial role played by marriage to the stunning fashion, culture and social events of the time that have enchanted audiences and history fanatics for centuries. With further chapters dedicated to sex, race, the media and more, this is a window into the real history that has helped make Bridgerton into such a global phenomenon.

Offering insightful advice on what to – and what not to – wear, how to see and be seen, the reality of ‘coming out’ into the public arena, and decoding the real-life scandal sheets on which the beloved TV show is largely based, Inside the World of Bridgerton highlights how the real ladies and gentlemen of Regency England lived and loved.

Dearest Reader,

In this book you will find all you want to know about the Regency period from social occasions to fashion to absolute barmy medical practices and……gossip of the Ton!

I knew from Bridgerton that they loved their gossip but it’s fully laid out in here! I was mesmerised by their way of life!

I thought I would love to live in these times, I imagined sitting round reading but their days were actually packed, peacocking around and being a woman was perilous….not for an introvert like me it seems!

Anyway, I’m off to promenade and hopefully not get any miasmas!!! IYKYK! 


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