Review: Luke Stevens and the Blood of St George by Ben Peyton

Title: Luke Stevens and the Blood of St George

Author: Ben Peyton

On his 13th birthday and presented with an unusual gift, Luke Stevens suddenly finds himself thrust into a battle between good and evil, with him right at the heart of it. For within Luke flows the blood of a legend and there are those that will stop at nothing to get their hands on what Luke now has in his possession.

With a group of Guardians to help him, Luke has no choice but to step up and fulfil an ancient prophecy where mankind’s way of life is threatened by a ruthless enemy seeking global domination. What follows is a race against time where one thing is certain: Luke’s life will never be the same again.

Full to the brim with action, humour, crazy gadgets and history, prepare yourself for an exciting adventure that will keep you turning pages long into the night.

Welcome to Luke Stevens and the Blood of St George…

‘Be the light for those in the dark.’

Even though I’m a bit (well more than a bit!) out of the target audience, I love an MG read. And I really enjoyed this!!! I guess some of the stuff in here might be too much for a 10 year old but then saying that I’m sure they play and watch more horrific stuff so maybe it’s just me!!!!!

Luke lives with his Aunt Sarah after his parents died and on his 13th birthday his life is turned upside down!

With his new found powers he defeats the school bully and has someone to contend with who has a well known great grandfather!

~ There was non-stop action all the way!
~ The humour and the banter was so amusing!
~ The tech of the guardians was so good, I want a pelletricity gun!
~ Patrick was my utter fave! I have a picture in my head of him – like a shorter, beardless Dumbledore!!!!

This was a fast paced, short, fab read and that epilogue had my jaw hanging open!!!!


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