My Reading Stats for 22!!

I decided to try Storygraph this year in tandem with Goodreads and really enjoyed it.

Instead of sharing my Goodreads stats I’m going to share Storygraph stats!

I had a brilliant reading year! I’ve read more books this year than I have in years and I don’t really know why!

~ I smashed my reading goal of 150 by reading 174 books!

~ I sprinkled round those stars and read a lot of pages!

~ New to me for stats this year (because of Storygraph) was genre and format:

I wasn’t surprised at the number of pages picture but I was shocked that I read more ebooks than print! I would’ve said it would be a 50/50 split!

But look at this! I really need to up my non-fiction game!

I think for 2023 I will carry on using both Storygraph and Goodreads as I can’t seem to let Goodreads go and I love the stats on Storygraph. It’s no bother doing 2 each time I read a book, literally takes seconds!


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