Blogmas! Look back at 2022 book plans and look forward to 2023!

Each year I make some reading goals (and normally fail most every year!!!) so now I’m looking back at this year and examining and seeing if I can tweak for 2023!

For 2023 I’m going to read what I want!

I’m a mood reader but am also a yes man!!! I say yes to any book that comes my way so this year I tried to change that and it worked…sort of! I need to work on requesting arcs for 2023….see below!!!!

Don’t go mad with arcs!

I say this every year and always succumb to the fomo at least twice a year and the same was true for 22! I’m not sure how I get better at this but I’m going to think twice before requesting anything!!!

Fairyloot and Illumicrate books

Read within 2 months of receiving.

I had this as 1 month for 21 and failed miserably and it seems I also failed this in 2022! Beware of the Reader and I were doing buddy reads but we stopped so I need to talk Sophie into starting this up again as it really helped!!!

Read tbr

Here we go again, same old, same old….but I had to put it in!

Reading Challenges

I do love a reading challenge but because I’m such a mood reader, I can’t name books. This worked well in past years so will carry this on for 23!

So that’s it.

Too ambitious?What are your reading goals for 2023?


6 thoughts on “Blogmas! Look back at 2022 book plans and look forward to 2023!

  1. I need to figure out my goals but I am not sure what they would be. 😂 Probably arcs since i still have 30 to review but I at least get them out before they are due lol. Moving screwed me up.

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