Blogmas! Festive This or That!

I saw this on Grace’s blog  and thought it would be nice to do for Blogmas!

πŸŽ„Festive This or That!πŸŽ„

Real Tree or Artificial:

Artifical for me! I got a real tree once and, not sure if I didn’t keep it watered enough, but it started to smell horrible so it’s been artifical for me ever since!

Hot Chocolate or Eggnog:

Eggnog = absolutely not!!! 🀒 Hot chocolate all the way!

Snow or W/O Snow:

I’d love snow on Christmas Day! I don’t think I’ve ever had a Christmas Day with snow! Would be magical!

Love Actually or The Holiday:
I haven’t ever watched The Holiday so Love Actually please! I haven’t watched Love Actually for a long time but I might give it a whirl again!

Elf or Home Alone:
Omg that’s tough. I think Home Alone wins by a small margin though!

Mariah Carey or Michael Buble:
Please no, not Mariah Carey, noooooo! Buble for me!

Movie or Boardgames:
Can I say both?! In my household we love watching Christmas films and playing board games and I’m not sure I could choose!

Christmas Pudding or Christmas Cake:
Christmas pudding for me (I don’t like marzipan and most Christmas cakes have it on and it’s such a pain to try and scrape off!!!)

Angel or Star topper:
My Mum always has an angel so I’ve taken that tradition from her! She always goes on the tree before it’s decorated too!

Snowmen or Reindeer:
Can I say both again?! Reindeer are the ultimate Christmas thing but I love snowmen too!

πŸŽ„ What would your answers be?πŸŽ„


5 thoughts on “Blogmas! Festive This or That!

  1. I love this tag. I watched the Holiday for the first time last year with my daughter as it’s one of her favourite films. I think that Love Actually wins out though.

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