🎃 Spooky Series Review: Cassidy Blake series by Victoria Schwab

If you want a great spooky MG series then this series is for you. Also perfect for Halloween!!

I thought I’d do a series review out of respect for Halloween!!!!

Series: Cassidy Blake

Title: City of Ghosts/Tunnel of Bones/Bridge of Souls

Author: Victoria Schwab

City of Ghosts

I loved the Monsters of Verity, I haven’t read a middle grade book before and the blurb grabbed me (and it’s nearly Halloween!)

Ghosts, ghouls and spectres…..and Cassidy ‘A little special. A little strange. Not quite alive but definitely not dead’. And she has a sidekick. A best friend. Jacob. Who isn’t alive.

I can’t tell you how much I loved this read. I flew through it! It was spooky and filled with facts that pulled me in and made me want to look up the actual history, I don’t think a book has ever made me want that! And was that may be a hint of more adventures to come?

Tunnel of Bones


LOCATION: Paris, France

And here we are again with Cassidy Blake, the girl who can cross into The Veil and help the dead move on.

Cassidy and her parents have travelled from Edinburgh to Paris with her trusty ghost best friend, Jacob and of course Grim the cat!

As in the first book I was hooked on the history and this one has a kid ghost! Does it get scarier than that? It does not. I was terrified…but still hooked!

I discovered my love for Jacob in this book. In book 1 I liked him but he really came into his own here and my heart went out to him. I love his friendship with Cassidy.


Oh my giddy ant, that ending!

Bridge of Souls

‘Look and listen.
See and know.
This is what you are.’

Back in the world of Cassidy Blake and this time we are in New Orleans but someone, or something, is hot on the heels of Cass.

‘You cannot win without losing too.’

I know the books in this series are MG reads but I admit I was spooked! But I couldn’t stop reading. It has that same pull as Percy Jackson and Harry Potter!

Mystery, death, ghosts, an emissary and the Society of the Black Cat. This book has it all. And as a side note the Thread and Bone is somewhere I want to visit!

I’m wondering if this this end to the series? I really hope not because I love it!!!


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