Review: The Book Of Legends by Lenny Henry

Title: The Book of Legends

Author: Lenny Henry

Two ordinary kids are about to go on one extraordinary adventure!

Bran and Fran love living with their mum, who is the storyteller at the Once Upon a Wow bookstore in their small Midlands town. But when mum goes missing and her stories turn out to be a portal to another world, they’re going to have a huge, magical adventure on their hands.

Luckily, they have Wilma, the Wizard’s Wife, and Zack, the wisecracking Zebracorn, to help them on their journey. And they’re going to need help because there are evil princes, mud monsters and Viking armies all standing in their way. . .

A collection of stories in a story inspired by legends following twins Bran and Fran.

Bran and Fran’s parents have disappeared, feared dead but are they?!! 

The twins get pulled into the Nine Dominions and are guided by their Mum’s book of stories.

Set partly in England, this story features murder fairies, a very funny zebracorn called Zachary and viking warriors and has very important messages contained.

Not quite sure if I was the right target audience but I really liked it so kids 100% will!

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