ARC Review: A Restless Truth by Freya Marske

Title: A Restless Truth

Series: The Last Binding #2

Author: Freya Marske

The most interesting things in Maud Blyth’s life have happened to her brother Robin, but she’s ready to join any cause, especially if it involves magical secrets that may threaten the whole of the British Isles. Bound for New York on the R.M.S. Lyric, she’s ready for an adventure.

What she actually finds is a dead body, a disrespectful parrot, and a beautiful stranger in Violet Debenham, who is everything—a magician, an actress, a scandal—Maud has been trained to fear and has learned to desire. Surrounded by the open sea and a ship full of loathsome, aristocratic suspects, they must solve a murder and untangle a conspiracy that began generations before them.

I absolutely loved Marvellous Light so was so happy when I got my hands on this!

Here we have Maud, Robin’s sister, carrying on the cause of the Last Contract and finding the items.

So Maud gets on a ship called Lyric under the guise of an employee of Mrs Navenby when tragedy strikes. Maud then meets Violet Debenham and catches up with Lord Hawthorn, who we’ve met before, to investigate!

‘We’re not in one place or another. We could be going anywhere, in the darkness. The sun could rise tomorrow and we could be in—Alexandria, or Venice, or among the islands of Japan.’

Loved Maud, she is so self depreciating, quite innocent but very eager to learn and to please and she gets the job done!

Violet so self assured, lives her life how she wants to and good on her. Her free living, not caring what anyone thought (and in those times must’ve been hard for a woman), was a breath of fresh air…..and it certainly impressed on Maud!

Loved how the time period was described, loved the descriptions of the clothing, the ship, the tale of how it all started and loved that different material of rings helps with magic. I especially loved Maud and Violet together. ‘I’ve never had to pretend to want you, Maud Blyth.’

There is just one thing I want in the next book. Lord Hawthorn is so intriguing for me. He is so far removed and closed off so I want him to have a hea, it will be so shocking for him that I’d love to see the look on his face and hear the realisation in his brain!


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