Review: Ten Thousand Stitches by Olivia Atwater

Title: Ten Thousand Stitches

Series: Regency Faerie Tales #2

Author: Olivia Atwater

Regency housemaid Euphemia Reeves has acquired a faerie godfather. Unfortunately, he has no idea what he’s doing.

Effie has most inconveniently fallen in love with the dashing Mr Benedict Ashbrooke. There’s only one problem; Effie is a housemaid, and a housemaid cannot marry a gentleman. It seems that Effie is out of luck until she stumbles into the faerie realm of Lord Blackthorn, who is only too eager to help Effie win Mr Ashbrooke’s heart. All he asks in return is that Effie sew ten thousand stitches onto his favourite jacket.

Effie has heard rumours about what happens to those who accept help from faeries, but life as a maid at Hartfield is so awful that she is willing to risk even her immortal soul for a chance at something better. Now, she has one hundred days – and ten thousand stitches – to make Mr Ashbrooke fall in love and propose. . . if Lord Blackthorn doesn’t wreck things by accident, that is. For Effie’s greatest obstacle might well prove to be Lord Blackthorn’s overwhelmingly good intentions.

‘As his figure disappeared , Effie was struck by a horrified realisation. Oh, bother, she said. I think I’ve just fallen in love.’

Effie is housemaid to Lord and Lady Culver and the Lord’s younger brother, Bendict Ashbrook, comes home and Effie totally fancies him!!

She also meets Faerie, Lord Blackthorn, who offers her a deal to help her marry Benedict and she discovers a faerie deal comes at a price!

There was one character who I fell in love with myself, Mr Jubilee! As Lady Hollowvale put it, for a faerie, he’s a pleasant aberration! He was always happy, jolly and wanted to learn about the English so badly!!!

I adored seeing the love match coming together, it actually made my heart sing and the ending was absolutely perfect!

Am loving these regency faerie romances!


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