Fairyloot YA Unboxing – July 2022: Trials and Retribution

July Young Adult theme – TRIALS & RETRIBUTION!

Some of us battle storms, facing trial after trial with the hope of achieving peace… others only want retribution. This box is dedicated to characters that are willing to do whatever is needed to achieve their goal!

Items inspired by A Darker Shade of Magic, Dance of Thieves, Gideon The Ninth, Greek mythology and a fandom neutral item.

🖤 Metal Straws with a Greek pattern
🖤 Letter Opener – inspired by Lila from A Darker Shade of Magic designed by @jezhawk
🖤 Print Album with a design by @chattynora
🖤 Pin Banner designed by @blanca.design inspired by Dance of Thieves
🖤 Gideon Socks designed by @forensicsandflowers
🖤 Tarot Cards – Sloane and Dane from Blood Scion, illustrated by @arz28


The Darkening by Sunya Mara

Exclusive cover ✔️
2 colour stencilled sprayed edges ✔️
Foil on hardcover by @taratjah ✔️
Artwork on endpapers by @taratjah✔️
Signed ✔️


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