Review: Indecent Demands by Marlee Wray

Title: Indecent Demands

Series: Dark Knights

Author: Marlee Wray

My stepbrother hates me. I need his help. What he expects in return is unthinkable.

Somewhere in the night there’s a predator called Casanova. He’s transformed a beautiful university campus into his hunting ground. A lone lavender rose marks me as his next victim…unless I’m willing to turn to the most powerful person I know.

Shane Moran is devastatingly gorgeous. And secretly dangerous. Our poisonous past has him bent on revenge, so if I want his protection, I’ll have to submit to his dark demands. And this time, we’ll go too far to ever turn back.

I really enjoyed this read, couldn’t put it down and read in 1 sitting!!!

Shane and Avery have a past and as a result all parties were hurt and estranged. But now they go to the same university so when Avery is contacted by a serial killer she goes to Shane for help. And he has a proposal for her…….

Shane is alpha, protective, has links to the mafia and questionable business practices but he’s actually a good guy. ..and I loved him!!!

‘It means… she’s the one, and she knows it.’

Avery did get on my wick a few times but her character growth was written so well.

This author is a first for me and wont be the last! I think Declan is next and I can’t wait to read it!

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