Review: Becoming His Monster by Amelia Hutchins

Title: Becoming His Monster

Series: Playing with Monsters #3

Author: Amelia Hutchins

Sacrifice your soul?
Die to protect those you love?
Come back as something the world hasn’t seen since the dawn of mankind?
Make those who hurt me wish the Gods had never created them?
I’m still working on this one…
Are you ready to play? I’m coming back. I’m more, darker, deadlier, and I’m pissed.
Heaven has fallen, Hell has risen and the walls that once protected man from monsters are down. Foe’s become friends, enemies become lovers, and this world is thrown into chaos unlike anything it’s ever seen before. I’m ready to play now, I’m ready to win.

It’s taken me a while but I’ve got here!

For the first time ever I thought I’d listen to an Amelia book and LOVED it! Can totally recommend the audio! I must admit I was a bit confused in the beginning about what was going on. Maybe I should have done a skim read of the last book to remind myself of details!

So we know what Lena sacrificed at the end of the last book (heartbreaking!) and now Lucifer and his creatures are free. So what would happen next? (I won’t tell!!!)

I really didn’t gel with the new Lena and that made me sad after what she had been through, she got right on my wick but I did like that she makes Lucian work for it! Poor old Lucian (he’s my fave!)

Loved seeing Synthia, Ryder, Ristan and Spyder! I vote myself as tribute for Spyder’s HEA!!!!

Another cliffy, but not so brutal but jaw dropping…..there will be trouble ahead! And I still don’t know what Lucian is!

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