I’m back!!! (and it was my own fault!!)


I did disappear so my apologies! My website went down last week and all because I lost track of the renewal and the email linked to my account was one that got hacked (3 years ago!) so I didn’t get reminders for payment!

But, very slowly, I have been talking to the powers that be and now it’s all sorted!

This was such a pain as it’s a really busy time of year for me what with end of school events, ferrying my son here, there and everywhere, getting ready for my holiday and also it’s a busy time at work for me too. But I really only have myself to blame!

Anyhoo, my website is back, I’m back so I’ll be back to blog hopping, seeing everyone’s posts, commenting and posting so everyone can actually see my posts!

15 thoughts on “I’m back!!! (and it was my own fault!!)

  1. So glad you got it resolved! I let one of my URL’s expire on purpose (I have a few different ones)and WP harassed me for weeks. I’m surprised you didn’t get any notifications when you signed in to post. It drove me nuts.

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    1. I had my old email linked to my provider (the one that got hacked 3 years ago!) and I didn’t realise so wasn’t getting any emails at all. Now I’ve changed it to my newer email and I’ve had 4 or 5 emails 🀣

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