Review: The Lightning-Struck Heart by TJ Klune

Title: The Lightning-Struck Heart

Series: Tales from Verania #1

Author: TJ Klune

Once upon a time, in an alleyway in the slums of the City of Lockes, a young and somewhat lonely boy named Sam Haversford turns a group of teenage douchebags into stone completely by accident.

Of course, this catches the attention of a higher power, and Sam’s pulled from the only world he knows to become an apprentice to the King’s Wizard, Morgan of Shadows.

When Sam is fourteen, he enters the Dark Woods and returns with Gary, the hornless gay unicorn, and a half-giant named Tiggy, earning the moniker Sam of Wilds.

At fifteen, Sam learns what love truly is when a new knight arrives at the castle. Sir Ryan Foxheart, the dreamiest dream to have ever been dreamed.

Naturally, it all goes to hell through the years when Ryan dates the reprehensible Prince Justin, Sam can’t control his magic, a sexually aggressive dragon kidnaps the prince, and the King sends them on an epic quest to save Ryan’s boyfriend, all while Sam falls more in love with someone he can never have.

Or so he thinks.

Omg this was a blast.

Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. And utterly fabulous.

Here we have:
Sam, wizards apprentice,
Gary, the unicorn with no horn,
Tiggy, the half giant,
Morgan, the wizard trainer,
Ryan Foxheart, the beautiful knight,
A sex crazed dragon,
A couple of amazing parents,
The King and his son.

It was full of innuendo, banter, sass and as with The Extraordinaires, I laughed until I was crying, it was glorious!

I loved Sam. He is a ruder, wafflier Nicky and of course, a wizard. He is hopelessly in love (and a fair bit of lust!) with Ryan but as it turns out, Ryan is betrothed to the Prince!

The narrator was so good! I know I will listen to this book over and over! And now I need more so going to get book 2!

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